Pre-COVID and Post-COVID
Life of Teachers: Pre-COVID and Post-COVID

Albert Einstein has said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge,” and this is what we have seen teachers do decades after decades.…

Child Psychology
What Educators Need to Learn About Child Psychology?

Child psychology is a vast topic and studies the development of a child from the womb of its mother. There is a considerable impact of the events that happens during this period…

Online Education
The Strengths and Limits of Online Education

Online education, AI or machine learning whatever we may call it, the highlight of it is that it has proven to be the best resort in the dire time of need today.…

Academic Conferences
Academic Conferences be Only Virtual from Now On?

As every educational dimension is adapting to virtual or online techniques, academic conferences are also in the lead to embrace this new form of networking. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic…

Remote Learning
Use of Podcasts for Remote Learning

Online learning or remote learning can be very effective with the use of high technology and new techniques. It also improves the quality of education. There are many technological innovations that can…

First AI University in the World
MBZUAI, the First AI University in the World

The days of talking about robotized learning in school or digitized classrooms is no more a concept of the future. In fact, with the rise in technology we are currently living the…