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The Strengths and Limits of Online Education

The Strengths and Limits of Online Education

Online Education

Online education, AI or machine learning whatever we may call it, the highlight of it is that it has proven to be the best resort in the dire time of need today. Online education has helped to keep the education system afloat to a great extent in the unprecedented time of COVID-19. We see many educational institutions who once thought online education to be a threat, now see it as a boon and are adapting it in large numbers. While we agree that technology has made life easier, it also has many pros and cons.

Advantages of Online Learning

  • Saves Time:

The first and foremost advantage is the amount of time you save. You need not drive down or travel long distances to get in time for class. The travel time can be utilized in online sessions. You can also attend online classes at your convenient time.

  • Efficiency and Convenience

Along with saving time, online learning can also increase efficiency. People who attend online learning can take up the class anytime as per their convenience. If you are working in the day, you can opt for a night class. This way education does not stop.

  • Accessibility and Flexibility

Online education can be accessed from every corner of the world. Internet is a technology that is accessible in most of the world today. Online sessions, chats and virtual classrooms can be attended anytime and anywhere. They can also be recorded and accessed as per convenience.

  • Grading

The grading system becomes more accurate and efficient. Eliminating human error, online grading system can help students identify their strengths and weaknesses for future planning.

Disadvantages of Online Learning

  • Lack of face to face interactions

With the old school style of learning, we are habituated to the face to face learning techniques. No interactions with teachers and peers may be create an aloof feeling. It might have a mental effect too.

  • Increase in workload

Online learning requires double the reading and understanding. Students are expected to spend more hours in studying as they everything is virtual.

  • Self-dependent and isolation

Students must learn to be self-reliable as they are unable to approach their mentors. They are forced to find the solutions by themselves and increase their level of understanding and grasping. Learning alone in an isolated environment might create a stressful environment affecting the student’s mental health.

  • Health Hazards

Spending long hours on the computer can have adverse effects on student’s health. Eyes can be strained, poor posture is developed, and several other health hazards can be developed. Physical and mental health can be drastically affected.

Technology is a great innovation that man has ever created, however it has many disadvantages too that have adverse effects on us. Online education is surely an amazing remedy in this situation where the whole world is shut indoors, but it may also create some ill effects that will be revealed only once we are out again in our classrooms and back to normal life.


Saves Time

Efficiency and Convenience

Accessibility and Flexibility



Lack of face to face interactions

Increase in workload

Self-dependent and isolation

Health Hazards

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