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What the American Educations System Needs to Improve Upon?

What the American Educations System Needs to Improve Upon?

American Educations System

Every system needs improvement for better results. Similarly, the education system of the world is always in a transitional phase to match with the growing competition. Education helps in making students confident and passionate about their dreams and boosts their morale. It builds a strong foundation for a great career. Hence, this system needs continuous improvement in terms of teaching techniques and curriculum and other important areas. Let us consider the America education system and the improvements needed to better the quality of education and foster effective learning. A research states that the 15-years old American students experience stagnancy in reading and math, despite the efforts of the country to fill the gaps.

Dependency on Technology

Some experts believe that technology has negatively impacted the literacy and vocabulary development of students. In the modern age, communication is like an elusive dream. Children are rarely seen talking to their parents or friends. They are always glued to the television or the easily accessible smartphones. The vocabulary deficit widens in school as reading becomes more challenging. It also leads to poor performances on standardized testing, during which students are expected to answer complex questions with an elevated vocabulary. Hence, there is an urgent need to reduce technological learning and increase active learning, the traditional way.

Increase Teachers Standard

Effective learning comes from great teaching which is a result of happy and respected teachers. Underqualified teachers may lead to poor performing students. Therefore, raising the bar and getting qualified and well-trained teachers will help in developing student skills. Teachers not only impart book knowledge but are also excellent sources of virtues and values that are important in life.

School Community for all Students

Students who bring down the average are more likely to be forced out, when schools are focused on measuring their success solely by overall student achievement. Instead, curriculum development and classroom priorities should focus on each student’s individual success. A more compassionate and understanding school environment is likely to reduce the need for security guards, police officers, and zero-tolerance policies—all of which contribute to a hostile and regimented environment.

Lack in Education

Research states that more than African American young men who attend high schools in urban areas do not earn a diploma from which about 60% are likely to go to prison at some point in life. It may be a result of poor counselling of students which is replaced by detention, suspension and other punishing acts. This system must be changed to have a more positive outlook developed in students. Rules and laws must be enforced to address this issue.


Around 14 percent of US schools are overcrowded which means they exceed their capacity. Overcrowding can have adverse effects like, teacher to student ratio is reduced, indiscipline increases, stress on teachers increase and the main concern, it impacts the interest of students that plants the seed of dropping out. Master plans can be drafted that refuse to tolerate a slight overcrowding. This can be made an enforced law, which needs to be maintained.

There are many more steps to improving the US education system which needs to be necessitated. A step of change today can bring about a successful result tomorrow.

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