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Use of Podcasts for Remote Learning

Use of Podcasts for Remote Learning

Remote Learning

Online learning or remote learning can be very effective with the use of high technology and new techniques. It also improves the quality of education. There are many technological innovations that can used to foster better learning, like using a podcast. A research has confirmed that 50% of US people aged 12 above listen to podcast. A podcast is a series of audio files that a user can download to a personal device for easy and effective listening. It is a fascinating tool that can help in improving learning techniques in the younger generation. In fact, podcast has already gone mainstream and has engaged many students.

There are many benefits of using podcast for remote learning. Firstly, podcasts are free. Secondly, they user friendly that in finding information on any topic from science, math and technology. It also facilitates every genre, from short fiction to in-depth journalism. Hence with the increase in demand of podcasts, many are now focusing on the content for the younger generation. Podcast grants equal access to study material which is an important part of teaching.

Podcasting offers the opportunity for lecturers to easily broadcast engaging audio content, which students can then listen to at any time and wherever they are. A student only needs to subscribe to a podcast feed and suddenly you can push educational content to them, rather than wait for them to come. Podcasts can easily be used in Schools, universities or colleges to engage students, and improve your teaching and learning practice

The beauty of this amazing innovation is that it can take many forms. Some podcasts are like a radio talk show where hosts converse on a topic while some are documentarian or sharing information via scripts. It is rare to not find something fun and interesting since there are so many podcasts and numerous topics to cover. They can be downloaded or streamed which makes it easily accessible and user friendly.

Podcasts is a helpful tool for remote learners. They are entertaining and some podcasts use music and sound for great effect, enhancing the information they share. Others rely on snappy writing and engaging hosts. Podcasts are often short, which is particularly good for younger kids. While audiobooks and podcasts are similar, podcasts are more episodic and usually run for an hour or less. 

Convenience and portability is one of the greatest benefits of podcasts. Every student of the younger generation has access to a smartphone and knows how to operate it and every smartphone has podcast subscription apps that can be easily accessed making the process easier. Another benefit of podcast is student listen to the content. Research have proved that student listen more than read or watch. Which means the inclusion of podcasts into teaching techniques fosters effective learning.

Technology has come a long way and has benefited every business in a great way. There are many fields that are completely dependent on technology for their operations. Hence, it is now about time that education too, utilizes the gift of technology and help in improving the quality of education.

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