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Teacher Training: How do you Prepare to Teach a New Class During Lockdown?

Teacher Training: How do you Prepare to Teach a New Class During Lockdown?

Teacher Training

The most dreadful pandemic that has brought the world to a standstill just seems to be increasing with the number of cases each day. While the world is locked down and stopped its regular operation, learning never stops, which gives birth to a new approach of learning, machine learning. A Teacher Training can never relax, especially when they have the responsibility and urge to impart knowledge. Hence, during this lockdown teachers can make the best of online techniques and technology and improve their methods of teaching.

Teacher Training can make the best of this time by focusing on the core curriculum content, concentrate on improving the weak students, increase activities and interaction, introducing new and different types of assignments to better the student performance. This has been a sudden transition from tradition classroom sessions to remote learning, hence teachers must focus on blending their conventional practices with the online teaching. They can also set up a board in front of the camera, to get the feel of a physical classroom. Although, it might challenge to keep up with this new technique of teaching, but with advanced equipment and well-developed curriculum content, teachers can master this area too, with excellence.

Each day, before starting a new class, teachers can revise the module of the previous class by conducting interesting quizzes or a traditional revision session. This helps in knowledge retention and it can also create room for a fun competition to kick start the mood. A detailed presentation with animations and videos can be an excellent approach of teaching. It is also important to be interactive with the students and to keep checking their responses either verbal or non-verbal, to keep the class active.

A very effective way of keeping the class active is, asking a lot of questions. Providing feedback to students to improve encourages them to be active for the next class. By developing schematic concepts for knowledge retention, teachers can keep the class active and ensure that every student is learning. Teachers can also keep researching and learning new ways to keep their class more interactive and encourage hundred percent participation.

Another effective way of keep students engaged during remote learning is encouraging them to be creative. Teachers can motivate the students to think out of the box and be creative. Giving them problem-solving assignments and encouraging them to think loud, helps in student development. Teachers can improve this by providing constructive feedback to students and help them improve in their ability to think with cognitive support.

Remote learning is perhaps a prediction of the distant future, however the spread of COVID-19, brought about a sudden change for teachers and students who have been used to the same traditional style of teaching since years. Yes, the situation has compelled teachers too, to think out of the box and learn new techniques to provide effective learning for students. At the same time students have realized the importance of classroom sessions even as enjoy remote sessions that teachers can tun into fun with a little technology and creativity.

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