Our Story

And it happened.

Something that our world was not prepared for. Covid-19 grappled our world and made us go to lengths we had never went before. The life as we knew it changed forever. And we knew in that moment, the world will never be the same as it was before.

The one sector that the pandemic had a large impact was education. Students, teachers and universities needed to adopt to new normal, online education. As we get on with our lives, trying to find new normalcy in life, education sector went through a great transformation.

There are some visionaries who knew beforehand the necessity to go online and therefore were prepared. Then there are others who took no time to transform the education system for the better. And every school, university and the entire education system changed itself.

A renaissance of its kind, a rebirth of the system, and a hope for better world.

We knew we needed to create a platform that would tell every renaissance story. And the result was – Edurenissance.

A platform that tells stories of education’s revolution, rebirth and renaissance. Through news, articles, blogs, magazines, videos, podcasts and every form of content, we will travel the world with the stories of educators, universities, new technologies in education, and life of education system as we know it.

We are on a mission to tell these stories that need to be told to every student, educator and everyone else. We want to reach to every corner of our earth with our stories. WE WANT TO TELL OUR EDURENAISSANCE STORY.

Renaissance of Education

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