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Can Customized Education be an Option for the Future?

Can Customized Education be an Option for the Future?

Customized Education

Research confirm that the conventional teaching curriculum that are based on everyone and are relevant to no one, is inadequate to quench the thirst of learning in students and fuels no passion. It also fails to achieve academic goals leading to poor performance among many students. Hence, the one-size fits all style of education is getting obsolete. The importance of customized or personalized learning is increasing with the rise of technology and access to internet. It is preferred over learning amidst a class of 40 students, where the teacher is oblivious of each student’s grasping power. Hence the question is, Can Customized Education be an Option for the Future?

Personalized learning is quite an independent approach where students work at their pace on customized or tailor-made content developed for an individual student. For effective learning in personalized sessions the use of technology plays a major role to allow students to access online materials, work through topics, find additional resources and to assess and monitor their progress. This motivates the students to be active learners and encourages the teachers to conduct one on one sessions with students. Effective personalized sessions offer many features like students are free to reflect their interests, learning is at the student’s pace, technology enables teachers to access the student’s assessments and gauge their strengths and weaknesses, provide individual feedback and scope for improvement which is very important in the growth and development of the student.

When students learn with technology, to some extent they are workspace ready. They are not hired as technically challenges individuals but carry basic knowledge of technical operations. This helps in increasing the confidence of the students and making them realize their potential. In personalized training, students are likely to learn more that a classroom session as personalized sessions address their area of interest. At the same time their problems areas are also dealt with, in a constructive way. Moreover, students may feel more comfortable approaching teaching staff with Customized Education  feedback through email or the software provided rather than in the context of a larger lecture hall or classroom. This would allow more introverted students or those struggling to raise issues at an earlier stage.

Many students, especially the shy and introvert ones prefer to learn in small groups or individually where their true talent is identified. Many a times in a group discussion in a classroom, the introvert students may have an excellent point of discussion but fear to express themselves and hence lag. In personalized learning, students can openly speak their mind which can help in developing their confidence. The teacher can help the student to identify their most effective way of learning and encourage them to use the most appropriate methods.

In this way personalized learning is an excellent approach of effective learning that is a disruptive innovation. In personalized training students feel powerful as they can make decision of their own without pressure. Hence, the answer is, personalized training are an exceptional method of learning that must be adapted in the future of education.

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